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Welcome to KYOTE

NEW 07/28/2023: The updated 2023-2024 user guide has been posted.
NEW 08/12/2021: Good news from KDE.
NEW 06/08/2021: A hybrid college algebra/college readiness math exam is now available.
NEW 06/20/2020: MyHomework provides teachers a way to manage homework assignments equally well in traditional and non-traditional learning environments.

The Kentucky Online Testing (KYOTE) website provides an environment for diagnostic and placement testing as well as practice exams and a access the site through a student account to either take an exam or to make exam results available to colleges and Universities involved in the KYOTE program.

  • Exam administrators access the site through a KYOTE account to schedule exams, retrieve results, and work on the development of future examinations.
  • The Kentucky Early Mathematics Testing Program (KEMTP) provides on-line diagnostic testing to help high school students determine their level of preparedness for learning college level mathematics.

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