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Welcome to KYOTE

NEW 08/06/2018: The 2018-2019 user guide has been posted. An overview of the new role of KYOTE is given in the introductory section.

The Kentucky Online Testing (KYOTE) website provides an environment for diagnostic and placement testing as well as practice exams and a detailed teacher user guide.

  • The KYOTE Placement Exam Program is a delivery and development system for standardized examinations used to measure preparedness for college level learning.
    • Exam takers access the site through a student account to either take an exam or to make exam results available to colleges and Universities involved in the KYOTE program.
    • Exam administrators access the site through a KYOTE account to schedule exams, retrieve results, and work on the development of future examinations.
  • The Kentucky Early Mathematics Testing Program (KEMTP) provides on-line diagnostic testing to help high school students determine their level of preparedness for learning college level mathematics.

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